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Welcome to Sleep Medical, where restful nights and revitalised days begin. Sleep Medical has a professional team with over 15 years of sleep experience in the diagnosis and treatment of obstructive sleep apnoea. Sleep Medical is dedicated in enhancing the quality of your sleep and, consequently, the quality of your life. We understand the profound impact that sleep has on overall well-being, and our mission is to provide personalised, effective solutions for patients with obstructive sleep apnoea.  Discover the path to optimal sleep and wake up to a healthier, happier you with Sleep Medical.

What is obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA)?

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Sleep Test

We carry out a sleep test via the device below to obtain a detailed assessment of how we can help your quality of sleep. Click for more info and to book now.

Sleep Test Plus

Sleep Test Plus uses a Watch PAT One single-use device which provides additional information on your night sleep compared to the Sleep Test. WatchPAT One uses innovative technology to ensure the accurate detection of sleep apnoea.

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