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CPAP Treatment

Integrated heated humidifier:

Reduces oral dryness and provides additional comfort on therapy.


The device is auto-titrating so the machine provides the most effective and comfortable pressure that you require on a night-by-night basis.

Remote monitoring:

The device allows remote monitoring which means Sleep Medical can address any issues from the comfort of your own home.

Mobile app:

The CPAP device is linked to an app which allows you to access data such as compliance, events per hour, mask leak and useful educational videos.

CPAP Treatment Details

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) is a highly effective and commonly prescribed sleep treatment for individuals with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). This non-invasive therapy involves the use of a CPAP machine, which delivers a continuous stream of pressurised air through a mask worn over the nose or both the nose and mouth during sleep. The gentle pressure from the CPAP machine helps keep the airways open, preventing the collapse that characterises sleep apnea episodes. CPAP treatment significantly reduces snoring, pauses in breathing, and other symptoms associated with sleep apnea, promoting uninterrupted and restful sleep. The therapy is tailored to each patient’s specific needs, with adjustments made to the pressure settings to optimise comfort and efficacy. Adherence to CPAP treatment has shown remarkable improvements in daytime alertness, energy levels, and overall well-being for individuals managing sleep apnea. With Sleep Medical’s regular follow-ups, we ensure proper adjustment and ongoing support, fostering a positive and sustainable CPAP experience for better sleep quality.

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